The Edition


This critical-genetical edition of Almeida Garrett’s Romanceiro aims at:

  • Reproducing the last known editorial plan Garrett established for his Romanceiro, via the reconstruction ope ingenii. This plan is printed on p. XLV of the ‘Introduction’ to volume II of the Romanceiro (1851), and only the two first books were published.
  • Offering scientifically established texts, a mission we understand not to be limited to hiper-specialized critical editions, and still uncommon in the cybernetic context.


Starting from Pedro Sánchez-Prieto Borja’s concept of the aged but yet effective “assisted reading” (2003), the reader will be given the possibility to choose among different reading levels. This meets the idea that an edition can address a multiplicity of types of readership. Such is an aspiration that the printed critical edition cannot assume in view of its intrinsic technological restrictions associated with its materiality.

Technical Documentation: